Presentation: Roll With It- Pedaling Toward a Sustainable Future for a Small University Town

entrelib-96x96logo3Recently the third  Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians with the theme  Social Entrepreneurship in Action took place at UNCG and had a number of great presentations some related to sustainability worth blogging to share!  Jason Cooper , Systems and Emerging Technologies Librarian, University of Montevallo, Carmichael Library gave an inspiring presentation on how this small town and university in Alabama is moving to more sustainable practices. He discussed the town and gown collaborations, community gardens, saving the local swamp, university green funds, and the big exciting ValloCycle program.  In 2011, a group of university professors, librarians, and community leaders launched ValloCycle, the first community-wide bike share program in the state of Alabama.  This presentation described the ValloCycle program and a focus on how a campus library has worked to support other environmental initiatives in the community. Check it out:

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Libraries!

ecotalitysanta_claraThe Central Park Library in Santa Clara CA now has two  Blink EV electric vehicle charging stations. These stations provide Level 3 (480-volt DC fast charging) and Level 2 (208/240-volt AC charging) power levels. Users can pay w prepaid card of credit card. Charge your card will in the library, attending a class, checking out books, etc! What a great way for a library to support its community’s needs. U.S. Department of Energy grant to ECOtality funded the majority of the project. They had an event when these stations opened to celebrate and educate the public about electric vehicles.

Presentation: Libraries, Entrepreneurship, and the Triple Bottom Line

entrelib-96x96Last week the third  Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians with the theme   Social Entrepreneurship in Action took place at UNCG and had a number of great presentations some related to sustainability worth blogging to share! Mandy Henk, Access Services Librarian at DePauw University, but also  activist who  helped build the People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street and soon-to-be author of a new book on sustainability in libraries, gave a amazing presentation on  Libraries, Entrepreneurship, and the Triple Bottom Line.  Summary of her presentation:  The transition to sustainability represents a new and important opportunity for entrepreneurship, one that librarians can use to stay relevant and engaged with their communities. At a time when even the Harvard Business Review is calling for a transition to a more sustainable world, what can libraries and librarians do to transition their own institutions toward a new more sustainable model, one based on the triple bottom line of economy, ecology, and equity?

View her prezi presentation here


switch-headerCheck out the movie “Switch,” which explores a wide variety of future energy options. The Geological Society of America, American Geosciences Institute, American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Verizon Foundation are funding this for educational organizations and institutions by the Switch Energy Project (  All they ask is that when it is shown, you report the number of people who attended.

Also check out their efficiency tips page –  some great ideas broken down by easy, medium and hard (for the champions among us!) and by category like water, food,office, etc.

Two Week Online Course: Sustainability Movement on Campus…

LJA_logoThe Sustainability Movement on Campus: Forming a Library Action Plan for Engagement

June 3-17, 2013.

This course focuses on the role of the academic librarian in the sustainability movement which is sweeping across U.S. campuses. A proliferation of sustainability courses, programs and related activities bears witness to a paradigm shift in our society. You will end up with an action plan that matches the needs of your library and institution and suits your comfort level for professional involvement.

Increase your knowledge, find your allies, be part of the change!

Space is limited. Registration and other details here:

Presenter: Madeleine Charney, UM Amherst

Green Book Festival Winners

greenbookThe overall winner at the Green Book Festival this year wasLife Everlasting” by Bernd Heinrich which  “focuses on the fascinating doings of creatures most of us would otherwise turn away from – field mouse burials conducted by carrion beetles; the communication strategies of ravens; and the inadvertent teamwork among wolves and large cats, foxes and weasels, bald eagles and nuthatches in the cold-weather dispersal of prey. The judges awarded top honors because of the book’s original vision and keen scientific eye. ”

There were winners in many other categories, one to note is the winner of the Business Category was Greening Libraries – edited by Monika Antonelli/Mark McCullough – congratulations! There are many great chapters in this book (including one I wrote 🙂 so I hope you check this award winner!

RESOURCE: Global Plants

global-plants-lp520x300Global Plants  is a community-contributed database with more than two million high resolution plant type specimen images found worldwide, many digitized from glass slides.  These contributions are through the Global Plants Initiative (GPI), an international undertaking by leading herbaria to digitize and make available plant type specimens and other holdings. It  also includes expedition travelogues, letters, photographs, botanical paintings and drawings, a nd reference works, with links to related research articles on JSTOR. The image viewer feature examines and measures plant specimens and savable in “MyPlants.” It does cost and use you use their calculator to estimate the cost for your institution. (note: did you know JSTOR resources  are free in Africa and many other developing countries!)