More on libraries and bikes (and donkeys)!

books on bikes

This blog Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space  “focuses on place and placemaking and all that makes it work” and I recommend following it!  As someone who loves to bike I often am drawn to bike related post. This recent one on “Bike-based library outreach” caught my attention. He has summarized a lot of key bike and library outreach initiatives such as the books on bikes program at Seattle Public Library (see image on right)

Check out more bike/book  initiatives more here!

There are also initiatives in other counties such as this “Biblioburro” program – a teacher and his donkey take books to children in remote farming communities.

Fossil Free Cities

fossilfreeMore and more  institutions (some schools are going carbon neutral), organizations (its being pushed in ALA), and even cities are moving toward a push to divest in fossil fuel industries. Many see  it as a  moral choice for “governments that care about their citizens.” Check out the Fossil Free Cities site, they are also on FB, and twitter.  The site offers lots of resources like tip sheets, key reports, and template too.  Learn more about why and other FAQs like the worst offenders – and find out if your library’s city or town is on board with the idea!  *If you are on a campus, check out the Campus Guide to Divestment.

Teens Go Green!

gogreenteensI have been meaning to blog about this cool book Teens Go Green!  Tips, Techniques, Tools and Themes for YA Programming. (by Valerie Colston, Libraries Unlimited Professional guides for Young Adult Librarians Series 2011)  The book offers ideas for librarians on environmentally themed art projects that are also low cost., practical and hands-on to engage youth. The book starts with Part 1: Going Green, offering basic ideas on resources and supplies, tips on working with teens and art, along with promoting and marketing the programs and ideas. Part II: Art Programs and Projects takes up most of the book offering art project ideas with illustrations, purpose, topics, costs, age level, required material, programming related activities, timeframe, and ties to technology, with lots of extra resources lists too.

Besides purchasing this great teen art book,  Colston is offering a 4 week Arts & Crafts for Youth Librarians Workshops, online, non-credit, held through Art Teacher on the Net, starting August 15, 2013 for $59.  (sign up!)

Colston is actually an art professor and has worked for year teaching art programs with  San Diego libraries and teaches 100 Art Ideas for Teachers through the UCSD extension department.   She has also published 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills and 200 Projects to get your in to art school.