Ample Harvest

Does your library or community have a garden? are you seeing a growing gardening movement in your community? More and more gardens are popping up across the country and many times we have more vegetables than we can use. As harvest time is nearing its end this fall, its might be a time to consider what to do with left overs – instead of tossing them or letting them sit and rot in the garden over winter.


With over 33,500 food pantries (also called food shelves, food closets, food cupboards or food banks in some areas)  trying to help feed America’s hungry,  in 2008 (a not-for-profit charity) was founded to help coordinate this need. They begin a movement of educating, encouraging and empowering growers to share their excess harvest with the needy in their community instead of letting it go to waste.  They established this website where you can search by zip code and find out what orgs in your area is in need of your access garden harvest.  In August 2010 (mid harvest) when was only 15 months old, a survey of then registered food pantries indicated that more than 3 million pounds of freshly harvested locally grown produce had been donated to food pantries. At the end of 2011, it had increased to more than 20 million pounds.

Find out more, share your ample garden delights and tell your gardening groups and patrons about this opportunity to support the needy in your community! 

Watch founder & ED Gary Oppenheimer share more in this TEDtalk.

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