DIY Crafts & Upcycling

Maybe not really “Green Library” related but I love the idea of reuse and art projects.  Anyone with a Makerspace in your library should really check out these ideas.  Care2 has a great post about upcylcing and art projects that could be fun for any library:

10 DIY Crafts for Old Altoids Tins (oh the miniature zen gardens are a fabulous idea)

25 Ways to Upcycle Old T-Shirts (the t-shirt to yoga pants – awesome!)

24 ways to reuse old sweaters (I think the sweater skirt would be easy enough for me to do)

15 Ways to Reuse Old Pillowcases (I like the pillowcase belt, but I think my cat wants the hammock)

and of course…

20 upcyclying idea for BOOKS from picture frame to a purse to a tablet cover and more… get creative @your library





2 thoughts on “DIY Crafts & Upcycling

  1. Reblogged this on Travels with Mary and commented:
    Fabulous ideas!

  2. Good idea of categorizing for readers! I think you can always include something like this, so your readers can get some ideas and inspiration from these posts. People today really need to know more about recycling and upcycling since the landfill space is limited. We should take the full advantage of all recyclable materials and make less waste:)
    I recently started a campaign called ‘A Little Sparkle in Life’, aiming to let more people to be a green artist and using their creativity to make our earth a better place to stay:) (

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