Compost @ your library

recycle bins JHU


A recent visit to my alma mater I had to check out the library’s new learning commons (which I think were built LEED Silver?). But what excited me were the recycle bins all over the library, easy to find, easy to sort… but I especially liked the COMPOST bin!   A nice feature are the images and not just text, for what can go in which bin… something eye catching for visual learners too. (more)

Go JHU – Sheridan Libraries!
compost bin JHU

Earth Day next week!

Earth_Day_Shopping_1Earth Day is this coming week and hopefully most libraries are planning some exciting community involved activities to remind people how connected to the Earth we really are!  You can check out a past list I made of ideas and activities here, but also consider taking the Story of Stuff Pledge too.   Here are some links for more earth day ideas:




BOOK: Ecology, Economy, Equity: The Path to a Carbon-free Library

Henk_300Check out this new book by Mandy Henk Ecology, Economy, Equity: The Path to a Carbon-free Library coming out this summer from ALA but you can order now & you should!  The online summary says:

n the first book to seriously examine the future of libraries in a climate reality-based context, Henk convincingly argues that building a carbon-free future for libraries is not only essential but eminently practical. Using the “three E’s” of sustainability (ecology, economy, equity) as a foundation, she traces the development of sustainability from its origins in the 1970s to the present, laying out a path librarians can take at their own institutions to begin the process of building a carbon-free library. Rooted in the latest science but firmly focused on concrete action, her book”

I heard Mandy speak as a keynote at the Social Entrepreneurship in Action: the 2013 Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians on Libraries and the Triple Bottom Line and she had some fantastic ideas I had not even thought about myself. (Check out her Prezi)