New Year, New Start

So much sustainable/environment/green movements, education and sharing of knowledge has happened in the library arena since I began this blog over 7 years ago. I began this blog to both personally collect and share ideas, practices, tools, and techniques relating to creating more sustainable (often focusing on the environmental aspect)  libraries and the communities they serve. Now we have a abundance of options to share and learn and build sustainable libraries including hundreds of books, articles, films,  presentations, webinars, blogs, a resolution on sustainable libraries and even a round table in ALA.   I’m not ready to quit this blog yet though, but I will try to post on a more routine basis. More –  and a variety of more voices –  still need to be heard, more information open and accessible, with more opportunities for education  to build sustainable communities. I will post a few times a month, most likely on important initiatives, case study examples of interesting sustainable ideas as well as links to webinars and resources freely available.

For this post, think about one thing in 2016 to do/learn/share that is in support of building sustainable libraries (read a book, share a skill, volunteer your time, or … maybe run for ALA SustainRT office??)


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