Facing the Future: Facilitating Climate Change Conversations in Your Library

Facing the Future: Facilitating Climate Change Conversations in Your Library

Training for librarians in New England, Spring 2018

Dates, locations, registration HERE: https://umass.box.com/s/ndktbrgfa7nztzcy1pt2t1eqqtc1uf6d

From the news that earth surface temperatures hit a record high in 2016, to a presidential administration that denies the effect fossil fuels play in climate change, we are inundated with stories and images about climate change. And yet authentic face-to-face conversations about climate change (with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues) are rare. According to the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, “more than half of those who are concerned about global warming or think the issue is important ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ talk about it with family and friends.” 
Participants will learn why dialogue about climate change is critical to creating a brighter future, and how librarians can facilitate dialogues that empower our communities to be better equipped to respond, adapt, and mitigate the effects. 
This interactive, experiential training will guide you through the creation of a “Climate Change Communications Toolbox” you can use to facilitate dialogue and host “Climate Change Conversations” within your library community. 
You will: 

  • Learn how to create and host “Climate Change Conversations” at your library. 

  • Share ideas for archiving and exhibiting artifacts created in workshops. 

  • Brainstorm ideas for building community partnerships. 

  • Learn why resilience and social capital are critical for communities to thrive and endure, and how libraries can help communities build both. 

  • Experience mindfulness exercises as a tool for “re-wiring” the brain to stabilize the nervous system. 

  • Explore your own thoughts and feelings about climate change through storytelling and reflective writing.