Summary of ALA Conference 2016 SustainRT sessions!

For those that couldn’t make the ALA conference and attend our SustainRT sessions,  you can read about two of the sessions SustainRT hosted in American Libraries Magazine:

Carribean Libs at ALAAlso, a panel of Caribbean Librarians spoke: The National Library of Aruba: Promoting, Enhancing and Embracing Green Education




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LJ’s New Sustainability Column!

Library Journal  will be offering a new monthly column examining sustainability in libraries from a broad-based perspective, written by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich is Coordinator, Library Sustainability, Mid-Hudson Library System, Poughkeepsie, NY – and a Member at Large of ALA’s Sustainability Round Table!  The first one was just published May 2, 2016 entitled   “The Capacity To Endure | Sustainability”  is now available to read online.

Library Journal editorial on ALA’s Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries

A Win for Sustainability: ALA’s resolution is an important start | Editorial!

Read this Library Journal editorial and review the resolution, passed in June by the American Library Association, which was brought to council by the (new) Sustainability Round Table.  Share with your colleagues and community, start thinking about ways to implement and transform.

And if you are not a member of SustainRT PLEASE JOIN for only $10 a year!SustainabilityRoundTable

Call for Abstracts: Sustainability and the Library!

A special issue of Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy  – An open access journal for sustainable solutions (ISSN:1548-7733) invites contributions that integrate science, practice, and policy in original research, case studies, and policy analysis. Submissions should address social, economic, political, and biological/environmental interactions relevant to sustainability problems. The work should be grounded in specific research and be presented in language that is understandable across disciplines.

Call for Abstracts Deadline: May 1, 2015
submit via email to Dr. Maurie Cohen 
Review decisions by: October 31, 2015
Publication: Spring 2016

This special issue aims both to review how the LIS community has to date sought to advance sustainability and to chart a course for the next generation of effort. We are looking to identify contributions that bring forth new and innovative solutions and/or challenges focusing on issues such as:

  • Assessing the strategic role of library and information science in environmental protection, social equity, and economic development
  • Identifying the ways in which information research and information practices link to sustainability through, for example, access to information, intellectual freedom, literacy
  • Designing sustainable information
  • Greening the library
  • Measuring the environmental impact of different resources that libraries provide
  • Making sustainable decisions that help to positively address climate change and respect natural resources
  • Creating healthy indoor and outdoor environments through sustainable building practices
  • Motivating libraries/librarians to be change leaders
  • Evaluating the role of libraries in pursuing local sustainability through programs and services for public education and local policy/government

Download flyer (pdf) for complete information

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Charney publishes on shifting paradigms of academic librarians

Wonderful read by Madeleine Charney who just published her research study in the Collaborative Librarianship ejournal called “Academic Librarians and the Sustainability Curriculum:Building Alliances to Support a Paradigm Shift”  This article discusses her survey of sustainability LibGuides and follow up interviews with some of these librarians. She finds a wide range of professional work in sustainability by librarians but also the need for librarians to collaborate and learn from others in areas beyond libraries.  Also noted is that library administration needs to realize the importance of having a librarian with sustainability responsibilities.  Don’t miss the list of best practices found at the end of the article. One  of the outcomes of this study was the creation of an ALA roundtable focused on sustainability called  SustainRT!

The White Paper – corporate social responsibility & sustainability

Free online resource:  The White Paper which is a Generation Alliance consulting firm offering perspectives on business and branding. This month they feature an issue of a collection of stories and narratives related to corporate social responsibility, citizenship and sustainability. The Sustain Group Pty Ltd and the United Nations Global Compact Network in Australia worked with Generation Alliance for this issue’s stories. The issues offers  stories such as  Green Washing, Rethinking Global Goals, Corporate Social Responsibility, and on sustainable development.  This issue of the White Paper  might be work adding/linking to in your library.