Open eBook: Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change

coverThe National Academies Press has released this FREE pdf of this book Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change: Anticipating Surprises (2013) but you can buy the paperback to add to your library collections as well. The well-respected established authors are from the Committee on Understanding and Monitoring Abrupt Climate Change and Its Impacts; Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate; Division on Earth and Life Studies; National Research Council. This 200+ page book notes the primary abrupt changes to be concerned about the most and those most of concern for humans, with ideas for moving forward. It also gives some quality reference links and a solid summary of those committee members writing the document. Click on the Related Resources tab to find some short summary and report as well as a visual slideshow of examples of abrupt climate change for those looking for a more visual summary. The Multimedia tab offers a video (embed below too) of findings and recommendations.

Their description:

Climate is changing, forced out of the range of the past million years by levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases not seen in the Earth’s atmosphere for a very, very long time. Lacking action by the world’s nations, it is clear that the planet will be warmer, sea level will rise, and patterns of rainfall will change. But the future is also partly uncertain — there is considerable uncertainty about how we will arrive at that different climate. Will the changes be gradual, allowing natural systems and societal infrastructure to adjust in a timely fashion? Or will some of the changes be more abrupt, crossing some threshold or “tipping

EPA’s Interactive GHG Map Tool

Now available is comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) data for 2010 from facilities in 9 industry groups, including 29 source categories which directly emit large quantities of GHGs, as well as suppliers of certain fossil fuels and industrial gases  through the EPA’s GHG Reporting Program.  Check out the new EPA’s interactive GHG Map Tool to visual see and identify nearby sources of GHGs which could be a great tool to local governments and businesses to track and hopefully curb their emissions.

The Green Teacher magazine

Green Teacher is a  magazine who’s  goal is to help youth  (ages 6-18 yrs) educators enhance environmental and global education inside and outside of schools, including practical articles and resource reviews.  This quarterly magazine is the primary publication of the  non-profit organization based in Toronto with a small staff of hard-working people – read more about the history of the Green Teacher.   The Green Teacher offers a lot of online resources and publish other worthwhile books, too but the yearly subscription (depends on your county) for the US is $32 print and $26 for digital (go digital!). The Green Teacher also offers  free online webinars!

There is a current Call for Proposals for a special guest issue on Poverty and Environmental Education issue of GreenTeacher due on or before June 30, 2011 to  Sheila Giesbrecht Guest Editor. Check out the writer & reviewer guidelines and they are looking for regional editors too.

Green Public Library Publication & IFLA SIG

A new publication is now available called Going Green in North American Public Libraries: A Critical Snapshot of Policy and Practice and it will be presented  10 August 2010 – 15 August 2010  (in Gothenburg, Sweden) at the Environmental Sustainability and Libraries SIG Open Session. Learn more about this SIG of IFLA.

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Call for Submission: Greening Libraries

From Library Juice Press:

Greening Libraries, edited by Monika Antonelli and Mark McCullough and published by Library Juice Press, is a collection of essays, papers and articles on various aspects of the green library movement. The editors are seeking articles from a variety of perspectives on a wide range of topics related to green practices, sustainability and the library profession. Greening Libraries will offer an overview of important aspects of the growing green library movement, including, but not limited to, green buildings, alternative energy resources, conservation, green library services and practices, operations, programming, and outreach.

Deadline for Summaries: October 1, 2009 – Submit a brief summary of your proposed article (250 words or less) to Monika Antonelli or Mark McCullough

Insiders Guide to Greening I.T. Free E-book

bookcoverfaronics_web-7492251Great handout with various articles called  Insider’s Guide to Greening I.T (PDF)a collection of stories, blog posts, and practical advice for employees from high-level to grassroots who want to start green initiatives within their organizations. Here is the TOC:

Read about who/why this was written.