“greener” 3d printing materials?

We just got a 3d printer in my library and though I do hate that we are printing with ABS plastic,  at least it can be  recycled (though you might have to search for a nearby place to recycle it with). But reading about the possibilities to print on PLA or polylactic acid, a bio-plastic, starch based material. Sounds like this material does clog often which is not a plus, and it’s hard to recycle (it’s meant to break down eventually).  Openmaterials has a lot of ideas for DIY experimentation for various materials that could be used.  But the coolest news is the possibly “robot” to turn trash into 3D printing material called Filabot!

For a real entrepreneur check out this story in  Inhabitat  “West African Inventor Makes a $100 3D Printer From E-Waste” – How inventive, creative and green!