Climate Data Harvest Project: what you can do

A blog post by the Issues and Advocacy RoundTable of the Society of American Archivists discuses what can archivist do regarding concerns about federal and environmental data with a ProjectARCC leader sharing some news and updates and ideas: “In the past few weeks, institutions such as the University of Toronto and the Penn Environmental Humanities Lab began to organize hackathons in order to seed the End of Term Web Archive project with climate and environmental webpages, and determine ways to effectively copy large data sets.”  The PR has grown (climatologist Eric Holthaus has been tweeting and the Washington Post and Vice wrote stories about it)

What can you do/learn more:


Green PR for You Library

The question “What’s Your Favorite Green Thing to Do?” was asked of attendees to the various years green festivalsCheck out some responses from these photo moments.

Perhaps this idea could be tweaked for libraries: Ask the question“What’s Your Favorite Green Thing to Do for you Community/Library/Campus” and use it as PR for the library.  “Green” prizes can be awarded for unique ideas.  Promote the library’s collections of educational information and ideas from all types of your digital and print resources.  Include local/campus sustainability related speakers to expand the idea to a program or event.  Ask green community groups and companies for donations, sponsorship, or partner together to create an event.  This might be a great way to build networks and relationships locally while advocating green practices and involving all your users and supporters for a fun summertime experience @ your library.

I’d love to hear if any libraries are doing any such event or program so please add your comments!