Tree Planting Info

Last Friday April 29 was the official Arbor Day but everyday can be Arbor Day! website has a plethora of info and resources. Their Tree Guide offers details on commonly planted landscape trees. Check out your hardiness zone according to zip code.  Be sure to check out the plant the right tree diagrams and quizzes to learn where you should plant a tree or try the Best Tree Finder Wizard.  Their forums allows posting of questions, sharing advice and stories or building networks of people.

Libraries can use this resource when tree planting around their library and especially to share with their patrons! And its always a nice gift to give to tree.

Tree Campus USA

For academic librarians find out if your campus is involved with the Tree Campus USA program. Introduced in 2008 and  modeled after the Tree City USA program, Tree Campus USA has awarded over 30 college campuses with recognition for tree planting, and other service learning activities that meet the program’s 5 standards.  The campus creates a plan to protect and care for the campus trees, not only on Arbor Day but year-round, through outreach to facilities personnel, students, urban foresters, arbortist and other important stakeholders. Find out the benefits, read about a few of the recognized colleges, or  apply for your college.

Give-A-Tree cards

hero-ginkoThe Arbor Day Foundation offers Give-A-Tree Cards where you get an actual card to sign and give to someone along with getting a planting a tree in their name for $5.95/each (order more than 100 and they are $3/each). What a great idea to give to friends and family as well as colleagues at work, students workers, board members,or just to show your appreciation. (they also offer ecards if you dont want to send a paper one!)