Too Much Green Noise?

There is a really good recent article in New York Times on green noise or green fatigue. The overloading of how to be green or more environmentally friendly is seen everywhere nowadays, along with the overwhelming amount of information, and the need to simplify the message (a cheat sheet on going green?). Some people are beginning to roll their eyes over “not another green message” and others are feeling too overwhelmed to even know where to start, along with many mixed messages on which is the greener option. There is no simple answer unfortunately. But hopefully the greening of our world is not just a fad and hopefully it will not result in too much “green burnout” either. Some groups are trying to simplify greening and allow tiers of information to be shared (such as NRDC’s Simple Steps Blog) so you can choose tidbits or follow up with more information in areas as you wish.

This greening your library blog’s goal is to find environmentally friendly ideas, news, and links from all the green noise that is out there, which can be relevant to some type of library and post that information in a short, simple manner. You can read every post or choose to search on a topic of interest to you at the time. Hopefully that will help you avoid some green burnout and supply you with some easy, money saving, fun solutions to implement in your library. Check out the NYT article for more on this era of green noise.