Recharge Batteries on your PC

From NYT personal tech section article: Batteries that can Recharge on your PC.  These batteries look like an ordinary AA battery, but peeling back the little green cap that crowns the top reveals a USB port  – recharge w/o  additional wires or connectors. They cost about $17 for 2 of them but can be recharged 100s of times so well worth the cost.



Rechargeable batteries (Ni-Cd ,Ni-MH, Li-ion, and some small sealed lead ) can be recycled through the Call2Recylce Program. Use their online search to find out where to take them nearby.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs can now be recycled through Home Depot – they shouldn’t be just tossed out, since they do contain a small amount of mercury.

Computers can be donated to many places that refurbish and then make them available for low income schools, non-profits, etc.  Search Tech Soup’s Web site to find who near you will take old computer components and more information on donating computers.

Anything else … try the Earth911 Web site.  Their search box on the top of every Web page, allows you to search by what product and location.

USB Rechargable AA batteries

Worth checking out …The USBCELL rechargeable battery (produced by Moixa Energy) plugs into any computer’s USB port to recharge. It has a flip cap top that houses the USB port. (images available here)

It was awarded a Gold award at the IF Product Design ceremony in March and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (listed under “Simon Daniel – Moixa”) at the Rosenblatt New Energy Awards in February.