Bikes and Libraries (recording and slides)

If you missed the ALA webinar last week Bikes and Libraries: Pedaling Toward Innovative Outreach, Health, and Sustainability, you can find the recording here:  and  the slides. Lots of interesting ideas, resources, and awesomeness!



bicycool-logoBicycool Library is a bike ride for book and bike lovers usually arranged by librarians, and involves cycling through the town “wheel to wheel with patrons.”  In 2010 it was started and a  huge success in Poland  but they are now  inviting librarians from all over the world to join the project and organize rides or side events  in their countries. In 2013 they had their first international bicycool events. They now have some helpful guides if you are interested in the project:

  • Register with them so they can keep count of the the Bicycool events happening around the globe!
  • The time frame is May 1 through June 9th for setting up the event (we missed it this year but stay tuned – or get some events going year round!)
  • The color is ORANGE.
  • Read more about how to get started, including case studies and examples. Make sure you check out Part 4  – there are tons of other ideas to integrate bikes and books beyond the bike ride such as location based games, literacy contest, picnic of local foods, etc.
  • Check out their map of where bicycool events are taking place!

Bicycool photos from their website on events taking place including one (on far left) in Wiżajny, the middle photos is of a logo spoke card, and organizers in cool t shirts in Szczecin (on right)