Resource: State Blogs on Environmental Issues

Sustainablog has a post  listing 5 state’s  blogs on environmental issues. Does your state have one? a worthy resource to promote for your patrons and staff if so; if not, bug your local or state government to get one up!

another library’s green pages

Here is just one of many examples popping up these days as libraries are creating their own ‘green pages’ or green blogs or environmental resources Web sites.  The Burbank Public Library offers these Green Pages to blog about their green ideas offer resource links and share news –  also including a calendar of So Cal green events and a display the twitter feed for their city’s water and power company.

I know lots of other libraries are creating such pages, blogs or twitter accounts but please comment and share your information! I gathering links to  libraries’ green pages for libraries to create a resources for everyone to use.  FYI – for resource listing specifically on green library buildings visit Green Libraries site.

New green blog to follow

Late this past spring the Alliance Library System (IL) created Green Blogdesigned to help libraries of all sizes and types become more environmentally friendly.”  They have many good blog posts already – some focused on Illinois related initiatives but many can be implemented by a library anywhere.  Their focus is on topics of Environmental Organizations & Initiatives, Financial Resources, Green Buildings, and Programming Ideas. They also have started a list of additional resources and share some of their wonderful brochures and handouts on the  downloadables tab (especially useful one on how to approach your library board)

A New Green Library Blog Launched

Check out the new blog that just launched on Oct 22, 2008 called  The Green Library. Here is the focus:  The Green Library blog is devoted to documenting significant activities, events, literature, and projects that focus on ” … increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources — energy, water, and materials — while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the building’s lifecycle, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal” of and by libraries.”

This blog also has a facebook group.

Library’s Green Blog and Podcast

Moraine Valley Community College Library has a blog called Green Today, Green Tomorrow worth checking out for ideas on events and resources you could possibly consider for your library, or consider creating your own library’s green blog. Their blog  offers information about the  library’s collection, their One Book, One College program, and  ideas related to their campus sustainability initiatives.

A recent post on their blog is of a podcast presenting physicist Dr. Jan Hessler’s talk Understanding Climate Change from the One Book One College 2008-09 year. You can listen to the mp3 from your computer or subscribe to their blog to get regular information.

College Library – Green Blogging

Moraine Valley Community College (IL) with a Sustainability Initiative and the library’s One Book, One College program has started a blog called Green Today, Green Tomorrow.

The blog posts will include new items in the library’s collection, information about programs related to the One Book events, and items related to the campus-wide sustainability initiative. Check it out:

Are there more libraries going green and blogging? I’d love to hear about them!