DIY Crafts & Upcycling

Maybe not really “Green Library” related but I love the idea of reuse and art projects.  Anyone with a Makerspace in your library should really check out these ideas.  Care2 has a great post about upcylcing and art projects that could be fun for any library:

10 DIY Crafts for Old Altoids Tins (oh the miniature zen gardens are a fabulous idea)

25 Ways to Upcycle Old T-Shirts (the t-shirt to yoga pants – awesome!)

24 ways to reuse old sweaters (I think the sweater skirt would be easy enough for me to do)

15 Ways to Reuse Old Pillowcases (I like the pillowcase belt, but I think my cat wants the hammock)

and of course…

20 upcyclying idea for BOOKS from picture frame to a purse to a tablet cover and more… get creative @your library





More on libraries and bikes (and donkeys)!

books on bikes

This blog Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space  “focuses on place and placemaking and all that makes it work” and I recommend following it!  As someone who loves to bike I often am drawn to bike related post. This recent one on “Bike-based library outreach” caught my attention. He has summarized a lot of key bike and library outreach initiatives such as the books on bikes program at Seattle Public Library (see image on right)

Check out more bike/book  initiatives more here!

There are also initiatives in other counties such as this “Biblioburro” program – a teacher and his donkey take books to children in remote farming communities.

Green Book Festival 2012: call for entries

Call for entries!  This annual competition –2012 Green Book Festival –  honors books that contribute to greater understanding, respect and positive action on the changing worldwide environment. Considerations to published, self-published and independent publisher works in the following categories: non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, teenage, how-to, audio/spoken word, comics/graphic novels, poetry, science fiction/horror, biography/autobiography, gardening, cookbooks,animals, photography/art, e-books, wild card (anything goes!), scientific, white
paper, legal, business, mystery and spiritual. Entries can be in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian.

Grand prize  – $1500 and transportation to our May awards in San Francisco OR an equivalent amount donated in your name to the environmental charity of your choice.

A panel of judges will determine the winners based on the following criteria:

1) The overall writing style and presentation of the work;
2) The potential of the work to enhance understanding of the environment and its

TO ENTER: Entry forms are available online at or may be sent to you by emailing

The Green Book Festival is produced by JM Northern Media LLC, producers of the
Hollywood Book Festival, New York Book Festival and DIY Convention: Do It
Yourself in Film, Music & Books.

art from old books

check out these beautiful art pieces created from discarded books by an Australian artist Kylie Stillman. Kylie carves trees out of old books —  Kind of ironic that trees are used to create books that are now used to create images of tree within them!  Check out more images on or check out Kylie Stillman’s website!

(also check out more about blog, recycling search, or their state by state resources)