Travel Calculator | Carbon Offsets

Recommended by ALA SustainRT folks, this Travel Calculator can be used estimating your carbon emissions Transportation comprises nearly 30% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, so estimating how much  you drive or fly can help you see your impact and maybe reconsider alternatives. You can buy carbon offsets for the traveling you do. Perhaps some places of work would offer buying carbon offsets for you if you have to travel?

Side note: this site also has a household offsets calculator as well!

Tool: Global Closet Calculaor


In honor of geography awareness week, check out this tool called the Global Closet Calculator. Aimed for youth or use by teachers with classes, discover interdependence and globalization concepts. The interactive “quiz” walks them through their closets to determine (generally) where they might come from, all over the global. It critically reflects on the values and points of view, bringing more than just awareness as to how everything we have in our “closet” comes to be.  Offers good discussion potentials on source of the materials, various labor practices, and the potential implications of their decisions in purchases.

Low Carbon Calculator

Did you know “Did you know, the food system is responsible for 1/3 of global greenhouse emissions?”  Check out this Low Carbon Diet Calculator for a simply, easy way to get an idea of your food choices and how these choices impact climate change. Created by Bon Appétit Management Company simply drag and drop menu items into a virtual pan and you can get a virtual taste of your impact.

green footstep

Building a new library soon? check out this cool site from Rocky Mountain Institute called Green Footstep.  It’s an online assessment calculator that guides you through creating a more carbon neutral, low energy building whether it’s a new building or retrofitting. Answer some questions regarding where the building is located, the ecosystem and building characteristic and you will get a report as a result.  There is a helpful FAQ section and some case study to peruse.