green resources for kids

With school year beginning, here are some great resources, websites, and groups for your school, kids, teachers, and librarians to use and promote:

With the UN Climate Summit happening in Copenhagen, is asking people around the world to start the push to educate and unite on this past weekend of December 12th, with candlelight vigils, marches, and other local action.  That’s 350 as in parts per million – the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.  The group was started by author Bill McKibben and includes people from all walks of life and all over the world. Inform your staff, student, patrons etc. about

Upcoming Green Online Events (college)

April 23, 2-3:30 (ET) Webinar on the Role of Community Colleges in Preparing a Greener Workforce – Topics covered: What are the most innovative models for summer youth workforce programs? What is the unique role of community colleges as summer youth employment partners? Where are funds available?

April 30, 1-2pm (ET) Webinar on Building our Nation’s Green Collar Workforce –  [COST] Topics covered: how an institution can establish itself as a leader of the “green movement” within its community, state and region; what to consider when developing financially sound “road maps” to address energy management and conservation needs – regardless of your institution’s status as a signatory of the President’s Climate Commitment; when and where to focus “green collar” workforce training programs – considering four key elements in a curricular framework.

May 5, 1-2pm (MT) Webinar: Organizational Leadership and Climate Change – participants will learn how universities and colleges can create buy-in for their climate neutral goals and generate community involvement and support and discuss strategies for inspiring active engagement in a campus’ climate neutral journey.

June 24 10:30am – 6pm(ET) Green School & University Virtual Conference and Expo [FREE] Topics covered: Green Design & Planning, Green Buildings,Green Cleaning/Operation.

From AASHE Newsletter

Library’s Green Blog and Podcast

Moraine Valley Community College Library has a blog called Green Today, Green Tomorrow worth checking out for ideas on events and resources you could possibly consider for your library, or consider creating your own library’s green blog. Their blog  offers information about the  library’s collection, their One Book, One College program, and  ideas related to their campus sustainability initiatives.

A recent post on their blog is of a podcast presenting physicist Dr. Jan Hessler’s talk Understanding Climate Change from the One Book One College 2008-09 year. You can listen to the mp3 from your computer or subscribe to their blog to get regular information.