bring your own coffee cup…

GOOD TO GO is dedicated to changing the way New Yorkers enjoy their coffee. We want to improve the to-go coffee experience and reduce waste at the same time.  We are working with coffee retailers, reusable cup companies, local artists, bloggers, journalists and members of NYC government to make this change happen.” ….BUT it has good info + ideas  for anyone who goes out and grabs a cup of joe not matter where you live….we all need to be change agents to make anything happen.  Read about their research and approach to this project. But what I really wanted to show was their cool and enlightening infographic





free coffee @ the library – with a reusable mugs!

Many libraries like mine often offer free coffee to students during exam times. I love the idea but hate the waste of it all. I was pleased to read that Wake Forest’s Z. Smith Reynolds Library during their “Wake the Library” week worked with their  Office of Sustainability “To reduce waste from the more than 2,000 cups of free coffee consumed in the library during exam time”  by supplying collected ” tasteful and tacky coffee mugs” for students to use from folks around campus! Hopefully many students also carried with them their own reusable mugs as well.

Library Travel/Reusable Coffee Mugs

On the similar theme as cloth library bags for sale, why not try selling reusable coffee mugs? I know some libraries’ friends groups sell travel type coffee mugs w/ the library logo, raise money, and save the waste of throwing away paper/Styrofoam cups. Did you know switching to a reusable mug for just one day will save as much energy as using 1,000 gallons of gasoline (besides saving wood, carbon dioxide, water, etc) Many coffee places also give a discount to users who bring their own mug.

If you have a coffee shop/station in your library, think about using fair trade, organic coffee as well…. many colleges across the county are getting on board with this idea already due to rallying college students.