art from old books

check out these beautiful art pieces created from discarded books by an Australian artist Kylie Stillman. Kylie carves trees out of old books —  Kind of ironic that trees are used to create books that are now used to create images of tree within them!  Check out more images on or check out Kylie Stillman’s website!

(also check out more about blog, recycling search, or their state by state resources)

Ways to use old books

This web site from Online Colleges lists 80 awesomely,  creative ideas for reusing – instead of just discarding – old books. Ideas are categorize into:  around the house (yoga block or a book safe – cut hole in center), at work/school (pen holder or book shelf), decorating (a lamp or decoupage tabletop), reusing the pages (wrapping paper, mulch, kitty litter), for crafts (make a gift bag or greeting cards), for kids (leaf press or paper mache), for clothing/jewelry  (make a handbag or brooch) and more.

Thanks Alliance Library System’s Going Green Blog for their post that brought this site to my attention!