PBS series: E ²

E ² : the Economics of Being Environmentally Conscious is a PBS series of half hour episodes on sustainable solutions in design, energy, food, water, transportation, and places. These episodes can be downloaded from Itunes, bought via DVD, or watched via PBS on TV. Intriguing ideas that are really happening today, interviews with amazing inventors, leaders, and innovators who are greening the world, and explicit information on how going green is smarter and more economically. There are strong implications to libraries in many of these episodes . One episode on Chicago discusses how Mayor Daley in 2004 established all government (that’s libraries!) buildings must be built green – LEED certified.

Not only is this a good DVD for your library to own but worthwhile to view yourself especially if you are thinking about new or renovation of your library building. Visit the Web site for more info.

(thanks Ameet for suggesting this DVD to me!)


I just discovered a Web site called Swaptree.com. It’s a FREE place where you can list, trade, swap, and choose books, DVDs, CDs, and video games. From reading the FAQs, it appears Swaptree really is free and easy. You add your items (UPC or ISBN), let their algorithm determine the trade, then print the mailing label (you dont pay for the mail costs either), and then choose what you want in return for the trade. Wonder if this is worth checking out for libraries? A great thing for a student worker or quality volunteer to look into for you. Perhaps you can get other items for you library in return (such as that CD or DVD the library once own that got scratched or lost by your customers?)