GreenMyParents, a national program launched on Earth Day 2010, created by youth to help families collaborate on building a greener America and for young people to teach their peers how to work together to help the economy, earn money at home, and save the planet through simple, everyday actions.  GreenMyParents works with dozens of great organizations including National Wildlife Federation,  Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Program,, etc.

There is also a book called Green My Parents.

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GreenMyParents has joined forces with  the American Library Association in its effort to rebuild the Petit Goave Public Library in Haiti, which was destroyed by the earthquake last January. Read More.

Earth Day 2008: Tuesday April 22

Earth Day is this Tuesday April 22. If your library is doing any Earth Day related event be sure to submit the information to the Earth Day Network Web site (you have to register to submit an event).  You can also find events that are in your local area – search by city or location.  Find more information on other events, donate to the cause, or discover other ways to be active  on the Earth Day Network Web site.