EBSCO’s new GREEN eBook Collections

EBSCO has two new GREEN  eBook collections:

Green Business Collection –
includes books like Business Guide to Sustainability : Practical Strategies and Tools for Organizations, Creating Ecological Value : an Evolutionary Approach to Business Strategies and the Natural Environment and Good to Green : Managing Business Risks and Opportunities in the Age of Environmental Awareness (collection price $1500)

Green Technology Collection – contains books like Greening Through IT : Information Technology for Environmental Sustainability, Hybrid Vehicles and the Future of Personal Transportation, and Solar Cell Technology and Applications. (collection price $4000)

E-textbooks on campus?

One college is testing out the idea of e-textbooks for their courses. At Northwest Missouri State a pilot program of students are issued laptops and then download textbooks for their classes.  Not only are they saving paper but they are saying money – the costs of college textbooks can be hundreds of dollars each semester.  Half the students still wish they had real, not electronic textbooks though, showing the move to all electronic might take awhile for even millennials.  Listen to this NPR podcast or read this Inside Higher Ed article about this “paper cut.”

ecoBrain: green books for green living

Have you checked out ecoBrain? The company was started by two families both in the publishing arenas, living in the US and Canada, passionate about the environment and living more green.  They offer eBooks and mp3 audio books about the environment and environmentally-friendly living. Not only do they offer electronic books but in doing so they allow new publishers to produce material much more quickly, cheaply, and profitably.  They allow employees to work from home and purchase carbon offsets for their business operations. ecoBrain hopes to grow their online community to be the largest provider of educational resources for eco-friendly living.

All content on EcoBrain is in downloadable, digital format, so you can buy green with zero use of forest-pulping paper and only a minimal amount of expended energy.

Green Publishing

Early in June, the BookExpo America took place in LA with many session this year on going green. Seems the publishing industry is trying to be greener by using more recycled paper in their books (aiming for 30-percent use of recycled paper – right now around 13%) as well as sustainable packaging.  They are also marketing e-books/readers (though the sales are still down for this product for many reasons) and producing their catalogs in electronic form. A huge use of paper is still used with advanced reader copies but some companies (such as netGalley) are trying to make these available digital for download instead.

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