Urban Farming … and schools

Great Kids Farm is owned by the Baltimore Public School system, teaching skills in nutritional and agricultural education, providing food for the cafeteria’s in the schools.  Classes can visit the farm and interact with chickens, goats, and bees or garden the  small fruit, vegetables, and mushrooms. read a recent article on a visit to the farm and view the photos!

Real Food Farm is Civic Works’ innovative urban agricultural enterprise, located on six acres of Clifton Park in northeast Baltimore.

Growing Power is a Milwaukee-based organization that teaches urban residents, especially children, about farming, under Will Allen, co-founder and CEO.

Read more about these programs or other ideas for urban farming on Sowing Seeds Here and Now – or attend – the Chesapeake Urban Farming Summit June 18, 2010. Sponsored by ECO (engaged community offshoots) Inc, who’s goals it to reserve the effects  of systemic poverty, racism, and oppression through establishing and promoting social venture community-based businesses, involving people from all walks of life in healthy and sustainable living activities. Schools folks – read more about their farm to school programs!