Sustainable Film Series

Our Sustainability Committee on campus runs a sustainable film series. Several librarians on the committee started this film series and it’s taken off drawing over a hundred attendees at the films last school year.  It’s free for all, students, staff, members of the community and happens about once a month, Thursdays at 6:30.  There is a post-film dialogue with film makers and/or local experts to address how the community can move into a more sustainable future. There are also tables hosted by local groups and companies sponsoring the event, such as coffee shop, co-ops, organization, etc, outside the auditorium (in the beautiful Weatherspoon Art Museum) for folks to gather, socialize, and find out about local sustainable possibilities.  The first film of the year  – the 11th Hour – was shown last night drawing at least 100 people followed by discussion on what each of us are personally doing to be more “green.”

This film series idea could be implemented on other campuses or even public libraries, whether you have a ‘sustainability commitee’ or not!