Save the date for Environmental Film Festival + watch streaming films free now!

eff22nd Environmental Film Festival!
March 18-30, 2014
Washington, DC
Theme :   Our Cities, Our Planet “examine the challenges posed by Earth’s urban environments and the efforts of the world’s cities to balance environmental and economic needs.”

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*Watch the previous 20 festival films streaming FREE on their online portal! This is available through a partnership with and covers topics such as climate change, renewable energy, organic farming and more.

Environmental Documentary Films

Check out these films created by students at Guilford College (in Greensboro NC)  representing environmental beliefs and values and as stated on their web site: “producing a documentary film allows each student team to communicate and demonstrate not only mastery of key concepts and values of American environmental thought, but also to demonstrate mastery of technical and practical skills such as defining goals, idea development, time management, logical development, and cooperative learning.  Creating films not only challenge student teams to confront the difficulty of translating complicated legal and policy issues into a form the average person can understand, but also to engage in interdisciplinary creative and critical thinking and analysis.” View Films

Maybe a school, academic, or even public library could offer eco-documentary video creation contests to involved students, or even adults, in the education and discovery process of environmental connections and issues facing our world.

At my University this spring, the Communications & Outreach subcommittee of the UNCG Sustainability Committee lead by the enthusiastic eco-librarian Sarah Dorsey, offered “Sustainable Shorts” film contest – films produced by our students, highlighting a particular issue of sustainability. You can view the winners of the UNCG Sustainability Shorts Film Competition.