Green Gift ideas!

Various ideas to consider with the holidays coming….

  •  World Wildlife Fund, National Wildlife Federation, The Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and others allow you to adopt an animal or buy gifts that benefit the organization and its conservation work.
  • Give the gift of outside! Such as membership in an outdoors club, rock climbing lessons, a deluxe tune up for their bike, or maybe even that kayak they have always wanted to buy.
  • You can give all kinds of water- or energy-saving tech that’s fun to use and green. Learning thermostats or smart light switches can be a good choice for people who love gadgets.
  • Give someone a living plant! A terrarium, herb plants, plant a tree, etc.
  • Make a gift, reuse, upcycle it! Candles, lip balm or jewelry (i like the spoon rings!) Some great ideas off the Fun in the Making Blog “green” crafting. 
  • If you struggle with making it yourself, buy from others who did such as Uncommon Goods.
  • Find something local to give.
  • Give the gift of experiences such as wine tasting, bike tour, pottery class, cooking class, movie tickets or show tickets.
  • Gifts that cut back on waste like reusable snack bags, bamboo utensil set, reusable water bottle, etc.

Greening your Holidays

Trees, cards, decorating, &  gifts… looking for ways to be greener this holiday? This article by  the Ian Somerhalder Foundation “How to be “Green” even during the busy holidays” offer a lot of good ideas. What kind of tree should you consider buying – real or fake?  Did you know 1.5 billion cards were sent in 2010 in just the US – 93% of which were virgin pulp?  For decorating, consider going green with LED and solar-powered alternatives –  US Dept of Energy study says if everybody replaced conventional holiday light strings with LED lights at least 2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity could be saved in one month. The article also suggests creating edible ornaments to hang outside and feed wildlife, making your own pine decorations & wreaths  from trimming your trees or use other plants like holly or ivy, and rethinking any purchases of non recycled decorations.  For gift giving, shopping,wrapping and shipping, there are a number of things to consider such as buying online to say gas, donate to a charity in someone’s name, researching the eco-friendliness of the company, or giving a green gift like a real plant or seed or a recycled/organic item. The article also offers insight for wrapping, shipping and packaging your gifts.

The IS foundation’s mission is to “to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.” Check out this article for more information to make your holidays really green.

Green Geek Gifts … and more

Looking for a last minute gifts for a coworker, family member or friend… try some of these ideas from TreeHugger:

visit the TreeHugger gifts ideas page for more green gift ideas!

Green Giving at the Holidays

Below are some web sites that offer ideas to be green in more ways than one this holiday season. Some ideas include – using newspapers, old posters, maps, or  blueprints to wrap gifts; or decorating paper bags, creating reusable fabric bags, or giving real cloth bags that the receiver can then reuse at stores. Send e-cards not paper cards.  Lights can be LEDs that are more energy efficient and turn them off as much as you can. Some people suggest making ornaments and gifts out of recycled materials: create a purse from a book, candle lanterns made from old tin cans, beer bottle to make a tree, reusing old cards as gift tags, etc. Check out these sites for more ideas: