Green Meetings and Conferences

The Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are now offering Eco-Meet Program – green meeting and conference services and planning options. Check out their planning guide (PDF) for details such as recycling in guest/conference rooms, eco-cleaning products, water conservation fixtures, energy efficiently with lights, disposable-free food and beverage services, paperless services, organic options, and carbon neutral off set purchases. These options may not be available at every location.

For more information on making your meetings “greener,” check out the US EPA’s Green Meetings site which can help you  is you are a meeting planner, a supplier of meeting services, a meeting host who contracts with meeting planners, or an attendee of meetings.

Green Marketing

Heading to a conference this fall at staying in a hotel?  Will you have the towels replaced after every shower? An interesting 60 second podcast from Scientific America explains a study done on the marketing message left about replacing your towel.  When  “Join Your Fellow Guests in Helping to Save the Environment” card messages were left, rather than just “Help Save the Environment” more hotel guests choose NOT to have their towels replaced.  Why? Though 3/4 of Americas say they are environmentalist, most are swayed more often by the majority. Think about this example when you are marketing for your library. Perhaps a message to your patrons “join your fellow patrons by….” would increase the likelihood of participation in a green initiative or program.