Greening ILL Practices

Coming soon will be the results of a 3 month study commissioned by OCLC Research called  “Greening ILL Practices”  with the goal of determining affordable best practices.  Environmental consultants were hired to analyze several libraries’ ILL processes and the carbon footprint impact. Some key green suggestions: reuse packing materials when sending shipments (using new materials is the cause to half the greenhouse gas emission per package);  Use paper with at least 30% recycled content (which usually costs the same and works in copiers and printers);  and other expected results like borrowing/lending nearby and digital is better than print. Dennis Massie has posted preliminary findings at – a blog by staff of OCLC Research – make sure you check out the slides of data(PDF) and results and stay tuned for more details.  Check out the presentation from ALA Midwinter (PDF).