All fonts are not equal

Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth in their work Measuring Type analyzed fonts at the same point size to see how much ink they really use, aka,  how economical they really are.  According to the article by inhabitat on their project, the conclusion “Use light, serif-based Garamond instead of bold and compact Impact.”

Also check out a recent post i did on ecofont – a free font that uses less ink by being holey!


Not only should we cut back on paper use in printing but ever thought about cutting back on ink? Try downloading this  free eco friendly font –  Ecofont –  developed by SPRANQ (from Utrecht, The Netherlands). The idea was how to create a font using less ink and how to much of a letter can be removed with it still being readable.  This font has empty circles in its letters and uses 20% less ink.  For normal 12pt printing it looks a little grayish but very readable; trying blowing it up and printing and you can see the circles in the letter but still readable! And thus the name spranq  “After Dutch holey cheese, there now is a Dutch font with holes as well.”