2011 Write On! Wetlands Challenge Contest

Environmental Concern is now accepting submissions for the 2011 Write On! Wetlands Challenge ContestStudents in grades 6-9 are welcome to enter stories on this year’s theme World Wide Wetlands: “There are many different types of wetlands all over the globe. Did you know that a mire, carr, pocosin and slough are all types of wetlands? Research the varieties of wetlands around the world and write a story that tells about their characteristics as well as how they benefit the plants, animals and people of the region.”   Entries are due by February 1st.

2010 America’s Greenest School Contest

Tell your students to submit an entry to the 2010 American’s Greenest School Contest.  The entry can be in the form of a photo collection, music, a video, an essay, or photos of a diorama, collage or piece of artwork explaining what you’d do if you were in charge of making your school a greener, more eco-friendly place.  All K-12 students in public or private school can apply.  You can win the clean, green IC Bus™ Hybrid Bus, LEED Certified Audit and Green Makeover for your school,  free concert by The Maine, the official band of America’s Greenest School, $3,000 scholarship for the winning student and/or classroom, $500 in class supplies for the winning teacher/sponsor.  They will choose top 10 finalist and then everyone, all of america can vote on the winner.  March 8th is deadline.