LJ Mover & Shakers 2017: Madeleine Charney, Sustainability First!

One of this year’s Movers & Shakers from Library Journal, check out the profile on Madeleine Charney, co-founder & past coordinator of the ALA Sustainability Round Table – and all-around inspiration!


Green LJ Mover & Shaker

Congratulations to  Rebekkah Smith Aldrich of  Mid-Hudson Library System (Poughkeepsie, NY) for being recognized as a Library Journal 2010 Mover & Shaker for her community building and greener library efforts! She is a community builder, supporter and advocate  (and advocate trainer) for her member libraries, including promoting why green and sustainable practices show libraries as “good stewards of the public tax dollar.”   She has a certification as a Sustainable Building Adviser, is a LEED accredited professional, blogs at Sustainable Libraries and has a recent presentation available online called Greening Your Library (@ NYPL 2009).

LJ’s Going Green Design Institute

The 6th Library Journal Design Institute will be at the Dallas Public Library this year December 10, 2009 from 9-6pm. Limited to 100 attendees  – but free! – who are those considering a new building project or renovation, and are  in the fundraising or pre-bond stage, or in the early building process. To apply to attend you must submit a double-spaced word document (maximum 200 words), describing  either the larger design problem you are tackling with your new building, renovation, or addition, or a particular aspect of it and included supporting documents as needed.  Sign up here.