crafty upcycling projects for your library

Sharing some fun ideas to do with teens or adults especially if you are creating a makerspace environment in your library:





Aeroponics Makerspace


photo from the ASU libguide

As we are looking at creating a makercommons or makerspace in our library, I think of  3D printers and scanner, but what a cool idea at ASU creating a custom aeroponics system,  to show literally  how things grow using sustainable technology! They are using a Custom Aeroponics™ technologies that use no soil or standing water, but a system that sprays  the plants with water and nutrients. It apparently  saves water and maximized plant growth, with computer-controlled lighting and watering cycles. The ASU project was created and run by a student, funded through ASU’s Edson Student Entrepreneurship Initiative, with seeds  donated by Native Seeds/SEARCH. View details on their libguide or watch a short video of how it works.