Hungry for Green: Feeding the World Sustainably

Last week, my university (UNCG)  hosted the North Carolina premier of  “Hungry for Green: Feeding the World Sustainably,” a film written and directed by UNCG Professor Matt Barr and narrated by George McGovern about the interconnections between feeding the world’s hungry and making agriculture more organic and sustainable. It was shown as part of our Sustainable Film & Discussion Series but on  special night in collaboration with others on campus and in the local community.   Before the film began, various tables were set up outside the auditorium with local sustainable folks showcasing their wears or promoting their services – demonstrating how sustainability is a collaborative effort. The film includes interviews and shots from the Dakota Wesleyan University (Mitchell SD) hosted 2008 McGovern Conference of the same name. Former presidential nominee and Senator George McGovern was at our event and spoke and participated in a post film discussion to a packed audience. McGovern eloquently, with honesty and humor, discussed his past experiences of seeing hunger around the globe that lead him to become a leader of feeding the world’s hungry. For more information on the UNCG event, read the notes from the event (PDF) or listen to the podcast interview with director Matt Barr. I highly recommend this film to be a part of any film and discussion series at your library. It can be purchased through the Unheard Voices Project (along with other great documentaries from Barr like Wild Caught)  and community screenings welcomed.