Environmental News Network

A great site to visit or add to your resources, the Environmental News Network post sevearl researched quality news articles daily. They are both aggregators of environmental news and produce articles written and researched on their own.  Read the latest or top news, or choose a category like wildlife, pollution, energy policies or more.  Follow the latest from ENN through RSS feed or on twitter.  They state they are an unbiased source of environmental news.  There is also an ENN community where you can get involved and connect with others.

There’s an App for That…

Theres a free app – Slick Viewto be released in the next few days for smartphones that people can use to help document the oil spill’s effects on the coastline. It was created by the San Diego State University Visualization Center and Crisis Commons (an online community that uses technology to respond to crises). Users take pictures of the coast, the photo are sent back to SDSU with a time stamp and a GPS location attached. Then all the images are processed and pieced together to form a map of the coast along the Gulf of Mexico, which will be available to the public, showing the changes along the coast over time. (from the Chronicle of Higher Education)