How Green is My Library? book

I have to promote a wonderful new book that was recently published called How Green is My Library? by Ned Himmel and Sam McBane Mulford (info) published by Libraries Unlimited. The book covers both design of green buildings and how to make your library green using green initiatives and green goals for such things as alternative transportation, recycling, etc. It offers checklists, guides, and tools for evaluating the greenness of existing or planned facilities and operations and many potential solutions for implementation of these ideas. Written for the novice through advanced,  it’s worth the purchase for any library. (I’ll admit I may be slightly biased as they used some of my blog post ideas in their book  -thanks Ned & Sam! 🙂

Also listen to the authors speak about their book at a FREE online webinar on Feb 11 at 2pm (eastern) through OPAL.