Recycle a Book Cover into a Tablet Case!

I just saw this article in Lifehacker and I love it! Recycling the old for the new.

  • find an old book whose cover you like
  • make sure it is the right thickness to be a cover for your tablet (don’t forget to include the added thickness of the  Sugru… see next bullet)
  • get some  Sugru (moldable silicone that can fix or improve just about anything)
  • cut the pages from the book but do not damage the spine (use Sugru to help reinforce the spine)
  • recycle the book pages or try an art project with them (example, example, example…)
  • lay your tablet in the book and pencil the four corners
  • stick the Sugru bits on the marked corners and place your tablet  – wrapped in cling wrap! – between them.
  • pull them down slightly to make hooks and leave 24 hours to dry
  • after 24 hours, remove tablet, take off cling wrap, and replace tablet in the hooks

Need a visual? Check out the step-by-step photos from instructables on how to do this recycled book cover tablet case!

also check out for fun how binder clips can be reused for so many things