Recyclemania on Campus

recyclemania-logoRecyclemania is a competition between universities in the winter for the largest amount of recyclables per capita, largest amount of total recyclables and highest recycling rate (percent of the waste stream that is recycled). The school’s campus recycling usually weighs and measures all trash, recycling, and compost from on campus and reports it weekly during the competition. In 2015 its from  February 1 – March 28. Often campuses will have a dorm or hall competition as well.

My university is competing against their rival and it’s neck and neck right now, they call it a RecycleMania Civil War, with the winner receiving the trophy made of recycled materials each year:


Of course its easier to be at a school and town that recycles almost everything!


trashebags-footer-logoLooking for a place to recycle or upcycle all our used coffee bags, I found this site called TRASHeBAGS.I was really excited to read more about this small company that is located in one of my favorite states Colorado as well as :

  • Employs people in the USA
  • Provides occupations for disabled individuals
  • Raises household awareness of upcycle opportunities
  • Makes products from 90% repurposed items. Yes, upcycles trash.

They are looking for items you can donate as individuals as well as looking to schools or scout troops – maybe a LIBRARY? –  to organize a collection.  They have some partners already.  You can read more about them and their plans for the future.  Follow their blog for resources, info and updates too.


Of course you can also check out their  store where you can buy all sorts of cool bags, purses, wallets etc.






(PS TerraCycle is another great place for recycling, er “eliminating the idea of waste” but they are not collecting coffee bags now unfortunately)

Compost @ your library

recycle bins JHU


A recent visit to my alma mater I had to check out the library’s new learning commons (which I think were built LEED Silver?). But what excited me were the recycle bins all over the library, easy to find, easy to sort… but I especially liked the COMPOST bin!   A nice feature are the images and not just text, for what can go in which bin… something eye catching for visual learners too. (more)

Go JHU – Sheridan Libraries!
compost bin JHU

MRM: Electronic Manufactures Recycling Management Company

MRM brings together manufacturers to help provide convenient, environmentally responsible recycling opportunities to consumers nationwide.  Most MRM drop-off sites accept all types and brands of consumer electronics for recycling but all except:  Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba and VIZIO brand TVs and consumer electronics such as VCRs and DVDs at no charge.  But there may be a charge for recycling other brands or products in certain states.

Find a recycling location in your area:


Recycling Videos for Campus

Questions often arise from our library staff on what can and cannot be recycled on campus. Recently two  members of our Green Library Team (we also both create videos for the library!)  decided to answer these questions by interviewing the manager of Waste Reduction and Recycling on campus at UNCG and create a set of short videos on various topics. We pushed these topics though our library blogs and feeds over the past academic year. They were created for the library, but are relevant to the whole campus and now are linked on the OWRR website and were pushed thought the campus Youtube feeds. A useful way to show how the library is an effective disseminator of information, uses technology to reach users, and model good environmentally friendly behaviors!

Here is the first video:

Others to view are:

Green Leak: Plastics

Green Leak: Paper,Cardboard and Chipboard

Green Leak: Office Paper Recycling

Green Leak: Electronic (E-Waste) Recycling

Green Leak: Recycling at UNCG – Dining Services

Green Leak: Construction Waste