This EPA  eCycling page offers some information on  recycling of electronic products like computers, tvs, cell phones, etc.  There is some general information on reusing, recycling and buying green for electronics.You can search via a map for regional and State electronics recycling programs. There is a good list of organization if you are looking to donate or recycle your computer. They also offer some interesting statistics on end of life electronics if you are curious. The Regulations page dives into legislation and mandates on used electronics. Over all is a very useful online information resource for your library or your patrons.



WasteWise is a free, voluntary, flexible EPA partnership program to help organizations in the US eliminate municipal solid waste, save money and the environment! The program includes management support, waste assessments, employee education, measurement, reports and maintenance. Register here.

Eastern Illinois University reclaimed over 9,000lbs of computer equipment and 25,000lbs of coated paper AND in turn saved the university $7,000!