Eco2go reusable containers a success

eco2go_sticeker_square-3 A little over a year ago my campus started using Eco3Go reusable containers for all  housing and dining places around campus.  (read more here) It exciting to discover that over 400,000 disposable to-go containers were saved from the landfill  in the last year!   This year ‘s goal is to exceed that : )  There are over a dozen return locations around campus including the library. 


Eco2Go food containers!

eco2go_sticeker_square-3Exciting new sustainable initiative at my university this fall: Eco2GO  They hope to save over 600,000 disposable containers from reaching the landfill each year!

1) Order food to go at all participating campus food locations

2) Receive food in these bright orange containers

3) Eat, empty/rinse and drop off at various locations around campus –  dining halls, dorm areas, drop off locations like a book drop…  we hope to have a drop off in the library soon!