Colleges Going Green

The March/April 2008 issue of E, the Environmental Magazine is entitled Colleges Go Green.  Read about how college students are driving the campus climate movement,  how cafeterias are buying local, growing organic gardens, and starting composting initiatives,  how colleges are trying to conserve water (including green building ideas), and other ideas of student created sustainability.

Libraries could explore these ideas to find how they can do their part. What about getting some of these students on a library green team?

Save Paper – Share Copies

Though most reserves are electronic now, students may still print out their materials (as well as possibly photocopy an article or part of a book). Why not provide a filing cabinet in the library where students can place their photocopies when finished for others to use. This would be especially helpful in reducing copying of articles for the core courses. Thanks John for the idea – he also states: “Perhaps readers also benefit from the acquired marginalia.” (from his Slow Reading blog)

Resources for Energy Management Planning

You have probably heard of Energy Star ratings for buying appliances but Energy Star (part of the EPA) also has many great resources available free online. The library contains spreadsheets, documents and PDF files you can download such as Facility Energy Assessment Matrix, Building Design Guidelines, Green Building Energy Efficiency, and more. The site also offers free online training with pre-recorded, self-guided or online live choices to help you the energy performance of your organization.

Did you know that Energy Star Leaders, comprised of hospitals, supermarkets, commercial real estate businesses, etc. boast two-thirds of their leader organizations as US school districts. Schools know that being green saves green $ in the process!