Going to ALA?

I hope you attend the Task Force on the Environment meeting Friday night June 22, at 7:30pm at Hilton Anaheim Oceanside.  (you can vote here on Linkedin to let people know if you are attending … and join the Sustainability Librarians Linkedin group!)

Also if you go to ALA please tweet   #SustLib from any ALA2012 session having to do with green topics (thanks Mara Egherman for creating this!)


Libraries for Sustainability Webinar Series 2012 – kickoff 2/28/12

Please join us for the kick-off webinar of the Libraries for Sustainability Webinar Series 2012 :
Feb 28, 2012 – 2:00-3:00 (EST)  – Call to Action and Collaboration – Sign up now!

ALA’s Task Force On the Environment (TFOE) has been engaged in environmental issues for over 20 years and done some tremendous work but has suffered from a lack of participation and lost momentum in recent years.

Join us, and Maria A. Jankowska (UCLA Research Librarian and Editor of Electronic Green Journal), most recent TFOE chair, to understand what TFOE has accomplished, including pitfalls and successes – plus recommendations for next steps. Should this group be revitalized and/or is a change in direction indicated? What are some options for remaining engaged at the local and national levels? Where are opportunities for collaboration and action around broader sustainability issues?

Hopeful outcomes:  Informal meeting at ALA 2012 in June to work on forming a new group; planning for sustainability-related presentations at ALA 2013! – Sign up now!

Time permitting, please review Maria’s recent article, Going beyond Environmental Programs and Green Practices at the American Library Association, which provides a helpful timeline of TFOE’s history and associated activities.

Webinar series facilitators: Madeleine Charney (UMass Amherst Libraries), Beth Filar Williams (UNC Greenboro), and Bonnie Smith (University of Florida Libraries).

Stay tuned for more webinars:
April 24, 2012, 2:00-3:00 (EST) – Exploring Sustainability Practices in Libraries
June 12, 2012, 2:00-3:00 (EST)  – Preparing for ALA Annual Informal Meeting
August 28, 2012 2:00-3:00 (EST) – Action Plan Follow Up & Discussion

Questions? Contact Madeleine Charney at mcharney@library.umass.edu or Beth FilarWilliams at greeningyourlibrary@gmail.com

Go Green at ALA Conference…. part II

The TFOE discussion list just sent out a great message about being green at the ALA conference, with some more ideas than those I posted recently (go green at ALA the Conference)  Here is a clip from the email:

Be aware of local recycling initiatives and use them

When dining, think of choosing restaurants that use local produce and food supplies, and think organic foods

On the exhibit floor thank those publishers that are greening their publishing practices and engaging in efforts to use carbon-neutral strategies, chlorine-free and recycled paper, soy-based inks, and thinking of greener means to promote their publications, products, and services.

Do not pick up excessive promotional materials or handouts to be tossed into trash baskets in your hotel room, elsewhere in the exhibit hall or conference hotels. Carrying all that material back home takes energy. If every person attending ALA were to take home an additional ten (10) pounds of paper, making some “average” assumptions about how ALA members travel to meetings, I calculate that 350 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be used to transport handouts and take-aways, if 23,000 people show up at ALA.

In you hotels there is much you can do, and nearly every hotel has guidelines for saving energy and being more environmentally sensitive: not having towels and linens laundered every day, turning air conditioning off, when room is not in use, not letting hot water run.

Use mass transit systems and share cab rides as much as possible.

SLA wrote an incredible article in its April 2008 issue about green behaviors at conferences. It has an impressive list of resources.

Not a member of TFOE? Think about joining!