Tool Lending Libraries

Don’t you just love that libraries are now lending so many different things for patrons? Isn’t it greener to share tools then buy you own that you might once a year? Tool lending libraries allow patrons to borrow tools or equipment (sometimes for a fee but often free of charge!)   This article in the Seattle Times also reminds u that these types of libraries  “help build community.”  The article notes tha Seattle has a number of these tool lending libraries:

But there is a lot more tool lending libraries in the US and beyond.  Check out the list on Wikipedia if you are curious of one near you.  My home state of Maryland has oen at the Station North in Baltimore and is a good example to check out: you can borrow for 8 days, they ask for donation (even just a $1), they offer Tool 101 workshops and soon will be having workspace for public! And you can even check out their inventory online.


Hmm my current state of North Carolina doesn’t have one – someone should get on that 🙂