Libraries … Adopt a Stream!

Our university library, thanks for our Green Library Group, just “adopted a stream” in the neighborhood next to campus. Five us the other day took time over lunch for our initial clean up.  I enjoyed getting outside on a nice day, tripping around a stream with others from work, and just the good feeling of getting rid trash (so many plastic bags!!!) out of our stream.   We collected over 8 bags of  trash in an hour, including a bean bag chair, a plastic lawn chair, a soccer ball and hockey stick. What a great idea for a school group, a public library (maybe a teen group and/or staff?) and a college library (include student workers?).  Read more about benefits to educators/students, guides and curriculum, how to get started, and general information on the Adopt-a-Stream page.

Track your Trash @ the library

A lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is putting  wireless location markers on garbage that people bring to the Seattle Public Library which will track the trash pattens on-line, as they go through the waste stream. Starting this week MIT folks will be putting the markers on the trash which takes about 10 minutes; next month the exhibit will be on display in the library.  MIT’s goal is to educate people on overconsumption and trash if they actually see where their trash actually goes so the library was chosen since it’s a central, heavily used public areaRead or listen to the full article by KPLU.