New Blog Page!

In honor of earth day and wanting to promote, connect and share resources and ideas, I created a new page on the is blog “other green library pages” (not the most creative name but gets to the point!) where I am listing those libraries I am aware of who have a blog, wiki, or website promoting their library’s  local green projects, events, resources and ideas. Check it out and please email me or comment if there are ones I am missing. Kudos to those libraries who are out there promoting & engaging with their local communities about being green!

… and special thanks to William Byrne, Literacy Coordinator, Burbank Public Library for the suggestion and their own green pages!


Greening of ALA

Go green at ALA and eliminate handouts!  Presenters are being asked to post (or link) to materials to the conference wiki before they attend so attendees can immediately access them. The wiki was started last year but mostly, after the fact, materials were added. The wiki is organized by day and time, contains midwinter and last year’s conference materials, and poster sessions. What a great way to cut back on wasted paper and allow those not in attendance at ALA to access materials. Read ALA Marginalia Blog post for more details.


If you haven’t heard about Streetswiki, check it out! The audience: planners, academics, and really anybody who wants to write or read about cities and how to make them more sustainable. What a great venue for libraries to get involved and/or hear whats happening in your town. It is a community created online wiki (so anyone can add or edit) on transportation, urban environmental, and public space issues. The goal is to share expertise and opinions and network with professionals and citizens, along with providing research and ideas on sustainable cities. It tag teams with streetsblog andstreetsfilm, all part of the Livable Streets Network.

Green Wikia

With the climate crisis and environmental issues coming to light in main stream society, more and more people are looking for information on the topic. Green Wikia strives to fill this niche.  It’s like Wikipedia with a green point of view, focusing on relevant and accessible, things you can do. Green Wikia states its mission to be a solid, trusted place to go for more information on living sustainably. Green Wikia encourages others to participate in their areas of expertise by submitting short articles or stubs.  They have a wanted articles section as well.  The Village Pump is a discussion area to connect with others, hear what might be in the works, or comment on how Green Wikia can improve.

It’s quick and easy (and of course free) to register and then add some content such as what you library is doing that’s green. The Green Wikia will only expand and improve its content with others joining and participating.

Use the Web to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

I stumbled upon this wiki (from Wired’s How-to Wiki) listing various ways to reduce your footprint and its a wiki, so you can add your own ideas once you log in.  Some ideas they list:  aps in Facebook (Carpool or CarbonMind);  Terrapass (determine lowest carbon emission when flying); GreenestHost (green data hosting); or a Carbon Widget to add to your Web site.