Climate Change World Cafe training (Boston metro area workshop, 5/30/19)

Thursday, May 30, 2019 – 10 AM- 12 Noon
Hosted by NOBLE 42 A Cherry Hill Drive, Danvers, MA 01923 Map
Presented by librarians: Madeleine Charney, UMass Amherst Libraries; CJ Wong, Merrimack College Library

Put Your Library on the Map* – Host a Climate Change Conversation!
Be part of the 2nd Annual Climate Prep Week (Sept. 24-30).
Massachusetts libraries are partnering with Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW) to host climate change conversations in libraries across the state. The workshop will begin with background on Climate Prep Week, followed by examples of resilience-building events you can host in your library. Then we’ll move into a Climate Change World Cafe experience, as you imagine yourself hosting such an event. Other event types will also be touched upon (e.g. environmental justice workshops, maker spaces, mindfulness practices, book talks, film screenings, reflective writing, and interactive displays). There will be time to brainstorm ideas and ways to find collaborators…the possibilities are limitless! For all types of libraries: public, academic, school.

*Participating libraries will be represented on an interactive map on CREW’s website.

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Tweens and Teens Go Green! Art Programming Ideas Online Workshop

gogreenteensValeria Colston is offering another fabulous online workshop  “Tweens and Teens Go Green! Art Programming Ideas Online Workshop.”  Attending will help you “build a portfolio of ideas for creating innovative green art projects and programming.” Many Tweens and Teens are already green and have an  appreciation and sensitivity to going green.  This workshops will give you an opportunity to offer and share some fun and educational art projects and programming

Details:  4 weeks/12 hour, online, with illustrated lecture, discussion board topics, and class assignments

Cost: $59.00 (Library Invoices accepted)

Deadline: Sign up by November 1, 2013.

Instructor:   Valerie Colston, M.A., author and art professor with many years of experience developing and teaching art programs in libraries in San Diego, California and author of   Teens Go Green! Tips, Techniques, Tools, and Themes for Young Adult Programming Libraries Unlimited Dec. 2012 and 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills

Teens Go Green!

gogreenteensI have been meaning to blog about this cool book Teens Go Green!  Tips, Techniques, Tools and Themes for YA Programming. (by Valerie Colston, Libraries Unlimited Professional guides for Young Adult Librarians Series 2011)  The book offers ideas for librarians on environmentally themed art projects that are also low cost., practical and hands-on to engage youth. The book starts with Part 1: Going Green, offering basic ideas on resources and supplies, tips on working with teens and art, along with promoting and marketing the programs and ideas. Part II: Art Programs and Projects takes up most of the book offering art project ideas with illustrations, purpose, topics, costs, age level, required material, programming related activities, timeframe, and ties to technology, with lots of extra resources lists too.

Besides purchasing this great teen art book,  Colston is offering a 4 week Arts & Crafts for Youth Librarians Workshops, online, non-credit, held through Art Teacher on the Net, starting August 15, 2013 for $59.  (sign up!)

Colston is actually an art professor and has worked for year teaching art programs with  San Diego libraries and teaches 100 Art Ideas for Teachers through the UCSD extension department.   She has also published 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills and 200 Projects to get your in to art school.

Greening Your Public Library Online Workshop

if you missed the announcement be sure to consider attending this virtual  ALA Workshop on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 2:30pm – 4:00pm Eastern.   Greening Your Library: Save Money and the Environment (ALA Editions Workshop). Presented by Kathryn Miller, author of ALA Editions’ Public Libraries Going Green,

Your library is vital to connecting citizens with the knowledge and tools to change habits and lessen our impact on the Earth’s limited resources, and it all starts with leading by example. In this workshop Kathryn Miller, author of Public Libraries Going Green, will discuss practical ideas for how to become green, teach green, and lead green.  Miller will introduce environmentally-friendly, money-saving initiatives that fit your existing building and services. Ideas for hands-on activities, such as rain barrels or butterfly gardens, will help you raise awareness and get your community involved.

Topics include:

  • What it means to be green
  • Ideas for your action plan
  • Socially responsible collection management, from purchase to disposal
  • Program ideas for children, young adults, and adults

Forget the paper evaluations at a workshop or conference! Try an online method such as where attendees and post  comments directly at the talks they attend and the speaker can view their feedback easily.  Registration is free and easy. You can also submit your event – if you want others to know about it – and get the word out through  Thanks for UNC Cause for using this at their conference upcoming in November in Wilmington NC  – looking forward to trying it out as a speaker and attendee!

Green Workshops

Last week I was in the Chicago suburbs giving two workshops at two different library consortiums (NSLS and MLS). I met some great folks from various libraries who attended to learn more about greening their libraries though many of them are already going down that path. Many of these libraries are starting green library committees to bring the issue of sustainability into their libraries in an organized way.  (please post a comment and let me know who you are)  Some librarians I met already have green roofs (or green gardens) and even green buildings (one school librarian from Texas gulf area wants to redo her hurricane hit library by going green). Marketing ideas such as bookmarks with links for local recycling places, green blogging for the library, green resource section of the library web site or even a physical display of  green resources owned by the library.  Warren-Newport Public Library is hosting a Recycle-O-Rama this weekend (Nov 15th). They also have a green pledge form for patrons to take and a green ideas form for their library staff to suggest new ideas.  Some libraries are switching to all recycled paper (one library mentioned using a eucalyptus paper that is cheaper and sustainable). Another library mentioned after shredding sensitive documents, they donate the shredded paper to the local animal shelter who uses it for litter (not worries about someone trying to piece the paper back together 🙂 One librarian enlightened us to the Risograph printer which doesn’t use heat to print or copy thus saving at least 90% percent of energy used in most printers.

Thanks to everyone who atteneded and shared your ideas. It was great to connect with other green librarians!