Webinar May 1: Implementing a Green IT Program

Webinar: Implementing a Green IT Program
(sponsored by Green IT Tools and Strategic Sustainability Consulting)

Date: Thursday, May 1, 2008
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST
Location: wherever you are (in front of a computer)!
Cost: $50
Who should attend: IT directors, IT professionals and sustainability managers

Learning Objectives:

  • A five-step process for implementing a Green IT program
  • Areas of opportunity and impact for Green IT
  • Using the Green IT Toolkit to assess your organization’s IT impact
  • Where to find resources to help you get started

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Better World Books News

I posted about Better World Books back in January, but I want to mention something I just read about this socially responsible company. The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire just posted about them saying they “distributed more than $470,000 in proceeds from its Library Discards & Donations Program to hundreds of city, county and university libraries in 2007…” Better World Books has now collected items from over 900 libraries and generated over $1.4 million in funding for libraries in the last 5 years (as well as additional $2.7 million for non-profit literacy initiatives.) Also note they have saved 6,454 tons of books from ending up in landfills and 1725 tons of carbon offsets through carbon-neutral shipping.  WOW! If you haven’t yet taken the time to check out their Library Discards & Donation program, visit them online:  http://www.betterworldbooks.com/Programs/Library.aspx

Fast Company magazine just listed them as one of 45 social entrepreneurs who are changing the world.  Cnet’s news.com blog wrote about them recently as well: “Eco-alternative to Amazon funds literacy programs”  They are also a certified Founding B Corporation.

Leftovers at lunch?

Can’t finish your meal at lunch? Take it to go and enjoy it later for another meal – a great way not to waste food. But,  that usually that means putting your leftovers in a polystyrene foam container that you will throw away at home. Polystyrene foam takes a very long time if ever to break down, usually cannot be recycled, and has one of the highest negative impacts on the environment.  How about bringing your own container for your leftovers? I bring a collapsible container (Tupperware and Rubbermaid both make these types of containers.)  that fits easily in my backpack and I can reuse again and again.

Rate it Green Web site

This free online community – Rate It Green – is a user driven Web site for green building, products, companies, and services including a green rating system. Created by three unique partners and an advisory board looking for new members to join, their goal is “to facilitate an open marketplace where everyone can shop for and buy green products confidently.” The site includes a forum where users can share their thoughts or ask questions to others about products and services and a section on Green Building Basics. For those not wishing to register, the public areas are free to browse but you will not be able to post, rate or comment.

Check it out: http://www.rateitgreen.com/

Green Building Event (Houston, TX)

April 3-6, 2008: Houston Green Expo at Reliant Park invites more than its typical design and construction professionals this year as it will focus on green building, sustainable land use, global warming issues, energy efficiency, and green vehicles. April 5-6 Expo Days are FREE to general public featuring the latest in green building products and related services.  There is even a free GreenRide ride-share program.

Reusable VS. Disposable Mugs

When grabbing a cup of coffee in the staff lounge or at a training session, there is much debate on whether a a reusable mug is better for the environment than a disposable mug. Its takes energy, water, etc. to clean a reusable mug and some argue it is a negative impact to the environment. A 1994 study from the ILEA discussed these ideas if you want to check it out and make your own decision.

But if you have a large staff of people who will use reusable mugs, an energy efficient dishwasher, and don’t pre-rinse or use the heat dry cycle, it is better to reuse your mugs by cleaning them in a full dishwasher.

A great example: I use to attend training sessions at New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Colorado. They might have 4-8 rooms of 10-40 people each doing trainings on the same day. Yet their lounge had all reusable mugs for hot drinks. They had a dishwasher and easily filled it to run daily. For once, I didn’t have to bring my own reusable travel mug 🙂

Save Paper When Faxing

First ask yourself –  can you send the document over the internet? There are many internet options: just send it via emailed instead; for short faxes it can usually be sent for free; for longer faxes there are many services listed here.  Faxing over the internet will also save you a dedicated phone line.

If it has to be sent in non-digital form, you can also create a template and print out many little stickers on one page – slap a sticker on the first sheet of your fax and you have already saved one whole sheet of paper.

Green Libraries Unconference

The Arlington Public Library (VA) is hosting a FREE Green Libraries Unconference on the greening of public libraries April 23, 2008 9-4:30pm. The goal will be to bring together those who wish to exchange ideas, develop public information for their communities, and make positive changes in the sustainable business practices at their libraries.

More about this Green Libraries Unconference.

What is an “Unconference?”