New DVD: Saving The Life Keepers

UNSaving the Life Keepers, is a 62 minute documentary about the new science of sustainable  beekeeping from Monde Films.  The goal is to empower and educate local citizens, farmers, small  and large businesses  – as well as those involved in beekeeping – on how to help protect and preserve bee populations globally. The documentary states it offers practical solutions such as :   utilizing the biodiversity of plants, mass plantings of protein rich flowers, Queen bee organic mating yards,  how to fight bee parasites  and diseases without chemicals and antibiotics  and   how beekeepers work successfully with productive  and resistant Africanized bees.   This documentary was an official selection of the Life Sciences Film Festival in Prague 2013 Watch the trailer below to find out more:

New Guide for Community Colleges – Living Labs

Living-Lab-Cover-PAGECheck out this new ebook/guide (Free!) and  add to your collection:  Campus as a Living Lab: Using the Built Environment to Revitalize College Education created by the SEED Center and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools. This guide offers 8 essential elements to building effective living labs, hands-on learning opportunities for students, that merge academics and campus facilities management. Download the pdf here.

NCSE’s 14th national conference this month

climateThough it might be last minute to consider, the NCSE’s 14th national conference on climate solutions will take place in DC January 28-30, 2014. This conference will bring together over 1,200  individuals from  fields of sciences and engineering, government and policy, business and civil society.  The conference will be organized around two areas: [1] The Built Environment; and, [2] Agriculture and Natural Resource. Interested? Check out the program listing, and the registration rates.  With the recent release of the International Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report this fall – that affirmed “with even greater certainty that climate change is occurring and poses significant challenges to humanity”  – this conference will host many of the research authors from this report.

Re-gifting to be green!

I love the idea of re-gifting. I don’t mind at all if I give a gift and the receiver wants to re-gift it – why keep something you will never use when it can be recycled as a gift to someone who might? So with the holidays over this post if simply for you to consider what you may want to re-gift  – and not feel guilty about it! My awesome colleague Brown Biggers at the library gave several of us gifts (I actually kept mine 🙂 )  but attached this creative coupon  – what a cool idea:


UPDATE:  Brown shared the regift PDF file  so if anyone wants to use it’s okay for anyone to reuse for your re-gifting pleasure 🙂