free coffee @ the library – with a reusable mugs!

Many libraries like mine often offer free coffee to students during exam times. I love the idea but hate the waste of it all. I was pleased to read that Wake Forest’s Z. Smith Reynolds Library during their “Wake the Library” week worked with their  Office of Sustainability “To reduce waste from the more than 2,000 cups of free coffee consumed in the library during exam time”  by supplying collected ” tasteful and tacky coffee mugs” for students to use from folks around campus! Hopefully many students also carried with them their own reusable mugs as well.

Creative holiday crafts with recycled Library materials

Saw this great post on the library as incubator project blog on folks at North Park University’s Brandel Library using discarded library materials to create holiday decorations:









This post that lead me to a link of a Pinterest board of many library recycled holiday craft ideas:






But I also have to give a shout out to my own library and Ms Elias’s amazing creations using recycled sheet music:


Recycle a Book Cover into a Tablet Case!

I just saw this article in Lifehacker and I love it! Recycling the old for the new.

  • find an old book whose cover you like
  • make sure it is the right thickness to be a cover for your tablet (don’t forget to include the added thickness of the  Sugru… see next bullet)
  • get some  Sugru (moldable silicone that can fix or improve just about anything)
  • cut the pages from the book but do not damage the spine (use Sugru to help reinforce the spine)
  • recycle the book pages or try an art project with them (example, example, example…)
  • lay your tablet in the book and pencil the four corners
  • stick the Sugru bits on the marked corners and place your tablet  – wrapped in cling wrap! – between them.
  • pull them down slightly to make hooks and leave 24 hours to dry
  • after 24 hours, remove tablet, take off cling wrap, and replace tablet in the hooks

Need a visual? Check out the step-by-step photos from instructables on how to do this recycled book cover tablet case!

also check out for fun how binder clips can be reused for so many things